ECG Holter Monitor

It is a small portable ECG (electrocardiogram) machine that can investigate and record the rhythm of your heart, which can potentially explain your symptoms such as dizziness or palpitations.

What to expect

It can record your heart rhythm for 24hrs while you carry on your daily activities.

  • Leads or wires connected to the electrodes/stickers will be placed on the skin of your chest.
  • You will wear a small pouch around your waist that will hold the monitor.
  • You are encouraged to continue your daily activities during the holter test.
  • Take your medications as instructed by your cardiologist, note the name of medications that you take against the time.
  • Document any symptoms (eg chest pain, shortness of breath) that you experience and also the time that they occur.
  • Do not shower, bathe or engage in vigorous activites while you are wearing your monitor.
  • A Holter test is painless and has no risks involved. However the stickers attached to your skin can cause mild skin irritation in some people.

Please note:

  • Do not shower or bathe when wearing the machine.
  • Do not come in contact with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems.
  • Do not apply lotion or powder on your skin.
  • If you have a hairy chest, the technologist may shave some hair off to attach the stickers firmly.